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Kaza a high altitude hamlet huddled in the dry desert of lahaul and spiti district of Himachal Pradesh is a tranquil getaway on the plains of the Spiti River. Surrounded by majestic mountains covered in snow, meandering and bubbling rivers and streams and picturesque barren landscape with scattered patches of green, Kaza is the headquarters of the spiti sub division.

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The rich heritage of the hamlet encompasses Monasteries, Gompas and other historic wonders that add charm to this already magical city. Today, this hamlet is a wonderful blend of modernity and unique ancient culture that will leave you enchanted with its mystery.

Hotel Norling inn is a 14 room property that is newly constructed and situated in Rangrik.All the rooms offer the 360 degree view of the Kaza town and also kee monastry and chau chau Kang nilda peak.With ample parking space and open areas surrounding the property ,it is one of the best property to stay in the whole spiti valley.

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